Queen's Isetan "Eel bun" and "Kabayaki Danish".

Queen's Isetan will be offering "Unagi Pan" and "Kabayaki Danish" for a limited time from July 18 to 23. The breads are designed to coincide with the "Doyo no Ushi" (day of the ox).

Eel bun

Queen's Isetan "Eel bread" and "Kabayaki Danish".

The surface of the bread is coated with chocolate to express the skin and color of the eel, and to reproduce the appearance of the eel itself, which looks as if it is about to move. Chocolate chips are kneaded into the fluffy bread dough to give it a crispy texture. The price is 214 yen (tax included).

Kabayaki Danish

Queen's Isetan "Eel bread" and "Kabayaki Danish".

Kabayaki Danish is considered to be a product that looks exactly like kabayaki, which you would be tempted to put on top of rice. The sauce and the grill marks have been made to resemble those of real kabayaki. The pie sheet is cut into thin strips and skewered on its side, and the pie sheet's bulging cross section is made to look like a kabayaki. The crispy texture and slight sweetness of the pastry create an enjoyable gap between the appearance of the pastry and its appearance. The price is 204 yen.

Both are available at Queen's Isetan Sasazuka, Senkawa, Koishikawa, Shakujii Koen, Motoyawata, and Suginami Momoi stores.