Moomin Cafe "Manmaru Oshiri Momo Apricot Pudding Pancake

Moomin Cafe is offering "Manmaru Oshiri Momo Apricot Pudding Pancakes" for a limited time only. The price is 1,700 yen (tax included).

Manmaru Oshiri Momo Apricot Pudding Pancakes

Moomin Café's popular "Manmaru Oshiri Momo Apricot Pudding Pancakes," featuring pancakes made with an original recipe and seasonal fruit, white peaches, will be available as a limited-time summer menu item. Three layers of the popular pancake are topped with a generous amount of aromatic white peach sauce and Momojo-nin Pudding wrapped in Gyuhi. The milk-based Momojo-nin pudding is filled with diced white peaches. The Momojo-nin pudding is milk-based and contains cubes of white peaches, and the gyuhi is filled with custard cream.

In addition to the buttocks, Moomin's tail is made of whipped cream and his feet are made of white chocolate coated cookies, making it look as if Moomin is jumping into the pancake.

In addition to the "Munchiru Oshiri Momo Apricot Pudding Pancake," the menu also includes a "Momo Mini Tart" made with rare cheese mousse and white peaches, vanilla ice cream, and a cute flower made with sliced white peaches and jelly. This dessert menu, inspired by Moomin's hips, is available only for a limited time only.