Special prices for Yayoiken "Lemon Sour", "High Ball" and "Draft Beer

Yayoiken will hold a series of limited summer vacation campaigns starting July 20. Alcoholic drinks will be specially priced and "Kara-Age", which goes well with alcohol, will be on sale. Yayoiken's official app offers "Nandemo Pass," a 200 yen discount on children's menu items.

Special Alcoholic Drink Prices

Lemon Sour" and "High Ball," which are refreshingly cold and perfect to drink up on a hot day, are available for 90 yen, a 270 yen discount from the regular price of 360 yen each (all prices include tax). Draft beer" will be sold for 390 yen, a 100 yen discount from the regular price of 490 yen. The period is from July 20, 16:00 to September 1, 14:00.

Special prices for Yayoiken "Lemon Sour", "High Ball" and "Draft Beer

KARAAGE" at Yayoiken

Yayoiken's very popular "KARAAGE" is now available as a stand-alone item. Available in a choice of 5 pieces (430 yen) or 10 pieces (790 yen), the volume is perfect for an evening meal.

Yayoiken "Karaage (5 pieces)

Yayoiken "Karaage (10 pieces)

Nandemo Pass

Yayoiken's official app offers a coupon "Nandemo Pass" for 200 yen off the regular price of "Kodomo Lunch" and "Kodomo Curry (Low Allergen)" and can be used as many times as you like. The coupons will be distributed from July 22 to August 31. The coupon is available at stores offering children's menus (check store information on the official Yayoiken website).

Discounts on "Children's Lunch" and "Children's Curry (low allergen)" with Yayoiken's Nandemo Pass

Children's menu is available at some stores and is limited to children under 7 years old.
Children's To go lunches are not eligible for Nandemo Pass discounts.
The same coupon cannot be used more than once in a single checkout. Please split the bill when using coupons for the same item.