Chateraise "Momo Fair" (Momo Fair)

Check out all the peach fairs that interest you! Chateraise "Momo Fair", Kihachi Cafe "Peach Sweets Fair", and Antenor "Summer Peach Festa". Click on the links for more information



o Fair" Chateraise will be holding a "Momo Fair " featuring a variety of sweets made from seasonal peaches. The "Momo Fair" will feature a variety of seasonal peach sweets including "Trifle with Yamanashi White Peaches," "Rare Cheese Tart with Yamanashi White Peaches," "Cocktail Glass Joule with Yamanashi White Peaches and Strawberries/Mixed Fruits," "Premium Pure Fresh Cream Shortcake with Yamanashi White Peaches," "White Peach Mousse and Black Tea Joule," "Double Cream Puff with Yamanashi White Peaches," "Soft Roll with Yamanashi White Peaches," and "White Peach Cream with Yamanashi White Peaches. Soft Roll", "White Peach Cream Anmitsu with Warabi Mochi", "Yawaraka Ice Bar with Yamanashi White Peaches", etc.

Chateraise "Momo Fair" (Momo Fair)

Kihachi Cafe "Peach Sweets Fair"

Kihachi Cafe will hold a " Peach Sweets Fair " to enjoy seasonal peaches. The lineup includes "White Peach Parfait," "KIHACHI's White Peach Pie," "Peach Melba Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream," and "White Peach Shortcake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

KIHACHI Cafe "Peach Sweets Fair



Festa" will be held at Antenor. The lineup includes peach rare cheese dessert, peach shortcake, whole peach cake, peach torte, and peach tart.

Antenor "Summer Peach Festa