Milk Pie Royal Milk Tea" from Cow Cow Kitchen, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Tokyo Milk and Cheese Factory Cow Cow Kitchen will sell seasonal "Milk Pie Royal Milk Tea". Prices are 280 yen for 1 piece and 1,680 yen for 6 pieces (both including tax). The Ekia Kitasenju store will release the product on July 13. It will go on sale July 15 at the Atre Akihabara 1 and Lumine Omiya stores.

Milk Pie Royal Milk Tea

Milk Pie Royal Milk Tea" is a limited time only milk pie with two creams in a crispy pie baked in the oven. The black tea cream has a gorgeous black tea flavor with a hint of Earl Grey. The milk cream is made with fresh Hokkaido cream, mascarpone cheese, and condensed milk for a mild taste. Milk lovers and tea lovers alike will enjoy the exquisite marriage of the two creams.

What is Cow Cow Kitchen?

Cow Cow Kitchen is a spin-off brand specializing in To go from "Tokyo Milk and Cheese Factory," which combines fresh milk and selected cheese with unexpected ingredients under the concept of "nostalgic yet new. Under the concept of "premium fresh sweets" that are made with milk and cheese, the brand delivers tastes that emphasize the freshness of the ingredients and the freshness of being freshly made in the store.