Papa Bublé "Ice Candy"

PAPABUBBLE, an art candy store, will sell two models of its popular ice candies for 2022: "Ice Candy" and "Ice Candy (Premium)". The release date is July 15.

Ice Candy

The champagne-flavored ice candies, which contain fruit-flavored soft gummies, come in two varieties: Basic and Premium. The Basic is an icy candy that looks like frozen, frosted ice.

The candies are made with sugar, which has a refreshing aftertaste, and dusted with a powder that is said to have a cooling effect. Inside the candy, soft gummies with acidity and coolness such as lemon, acerola, passion fruit, and mint are locked inside.

Papa Bublé "Ice Candy"

Taste the slightly cool powder and champagne candy (0% alcohol by volume), then bite into the thin candy to enjoy the contrast in texture and fresh sourness of the soft gummies. It is also recommended to chill the candy in the freezer until it is crispy before enjoying. Priced at 650 yen (tax included, same below).

Ice Candy (Premium)

In addition to the basic ice candies, only 100 limited edition premium ice candies are available. Each piece of candy is carefully roasted with a burner to remove air bubbles, creating a special candy that allows you to appreciate the crystalline texture that can only be achieved by handmade ice candies.

The special clear case contains 6 pieces with soft gummies and 3 pieces without gummies. Each piece is an original work of art and makes a perfect gift. Each piece is unique, making it the perfect gift for that special someone.

Papa Bublé "Ice Candy (Premium)