Sushiro "Kagoshima Tamakue

Kagoshima tamakue will be on sale at Sushiro from July 11. This hybrid fish has a father named "tamakai," which is one of the world's largest members of the grouper family, and a mother named "kue," which is a rare and high-end fish despite its popularity for its outstanding taste.

Kagoshima Tamakue

Kagoshima tamakue" is made from tamakue raised carefully in the nutrient-rich Kinko Bay in Kagoshima Prefecture. After 10 years of trial and error in cultivation, tamakue has finally become available for distribution in recent years.

Sushiro "Kagoshima Tamakue

The fish is completely farm-raised and produced under a strict and thorough control system. The whole fish can be eaten without any fat, and has a light and elegant flavor.

Furthermore, the fish is never frozen and is delivered to the store fresh with the skin on. The skin is pulled and cut in the store, so you can taste the full flavor of the tamakuei.

The price is 330 yen (tax included). The sale will end as soon as the product is sold out. Some stores do not carry it and some stores have different prices.