Cafe COMSA "Konjikirao (Golden Rao) Cake".

The "Konjikirao (Golden Rao) Cake" is on sale at Cafe COMSA from July 11 until around the end of July.

Konjikirao Cake

Konjikirao" is a very rare watermelon that was developed with an emphasis on taste and sweetness, with the pursuit of one thing in mind: taste, and has been perfected with gold flesh. It is also called the "revolutionary watermelon. After eight years of development, the seeds of this new variety will be available for sale in 2021.

The sugar content of commonly distributed watermelons is around 11 degrees, but the "Golden Rao" has a sugar content of over 15 degrees. It boasts a level of sweetness that is on another level for a watermelon, with a strong sweetness and a pulp that has a good texture.

The "Konjikirao" cake is a cake that allows you to enjoy the taste of the watermelon itself. One piece is priced at 900 yen (tax included).

Cafe COMSA "Konjikirao (Golden Rao) Cake".

The price per piece is 900 yen (tax included).
The Chiba Sogo store uses "Torataro Watermelon" produced in Yachimata City, Chiba Prefecture.
The period of the product launch may be subject to change depending on the availability of the fruit.