Famima "Cajun Chicken and 12-course Salad"

FamilyMart will sell "Cajun Chicken and 12 Salads," the 12th in a series supervised by Salad Cafe, a salad specialty restaurant. The release date is July 12. It will be available at FamilyMart stores in the Kanto, Tokai, Chubu, Hokuriku, Kansai, and other regions. The price is 498 yen (tax included).

Cajun Chicken and 12-Course Salad

The Salad Cafe-supervised series uses seasonal ingredients and nutritious kale, etc., and is popular among women in their 20s and older as a "rewarding salad after work. The twelfth in the Salad Cafe-supervised series is the "Cajun Chicken and 12-Course Salad," a spicy salad perfect for the hot summer months.

The salad features 12 items, including chicken seasoned with spicy yet flavorful Cajun spices, grilled young corn, kale, small tomatoes, and pressed barley tossed with spices. The tomato onion dressing, a summer vegetable with a good balance of sour and sweet flavors, enhances the taste of each ingredient.