Moomin Stand "Manmaru Oshiri Momo Milk Frappe

Moomin Stand, a drink stand inspired by the Finnish fairy tale "Moomin," will be offering two types of drinks for a limited time: "Manmaru Oshiri Momo Milk Frappe," a drink inspired by Moomin's hips, and "Plenty of Corn," a new version of the very popular Manmaru Oshiri bread.

Manmaru Oshiri Momo Milk Frappe

The Moomin's hips are represented in this drink. The top of the drink is filled with Moomin Stand's original "round and round" milk pudding, which can only be enjoyed here. The milk-based drink is topped with white peach sauce, white peach pulp, and vanilla ice cream. The handmade, individually wrapped milk pudding is framed by crushed caramel cookies for a crunchy texture, and even the cute little tail of whipped cream can be enjoyed. The price is 950 yen (tax included).

Moomin Stand "Manmaru Oshiri Momo Milk Frappe

Manmaru Oshiri Pan Full of Corn

The popular "Manmaru Oshiri Pan" is now joined by "Manmaru Oshiri Pan Full of Corn", a limited-time product available only during the summer season. Enjoy the soft and fluffy buns with the texture of sweet corn grains and lots of milk. The price is 650 yen.

Moominstan "de Manmaru Oshiri Pan Full of Corn