Yakiniku Kingu "Gurumazete Ne Kingu Sloppy - Pie Fruits

Yakiniku Kingu will sell a new dessert, "Gurumazete Ne Kingu Sloppy - Pie Fruits", a collaboration with Lotte's pie fruit, a 64-layer crispy pie with a golden aroma, from July 13 to mid-October.

Gurumazete ne Kingu Sloppy - Pie Fruits

Yakiniku Kingu's popular dessert "Gurumazete Ne Kingu Sloppy" has collaborated with Lotte's "Pie Nuts". The crispy, light texture of the pie crust and the chocolate flavor of the filling are irresistible. The maple-like sauce on top goes perfectly with the soft-serve ice cream. Enjoy it by swirling it around with a spoon.

Yakiniku Kingu "Gurumazete Ne Kingu Sloppy - Pie Fruits

KINGU SLOPPY - PIE NUTS - Product Outline
Sales period: July 13, 2022 to mid-October, 2022
Single item price: 290 yen (319 yen including tax)
All-you-can-eat course: "Kingu Course" 2,980 yen (3,278 yen including tax), "Premium Course" 3,980 yen (4,378 yen including tax)

The contents and sales period are subject to change without prior notice.