Marumiya Foods "Toritamago Furikake" (dried chicken and egg)

Marumiya Foods will release "Toritamago Furikake N.P." and "Toritamago Furikake Large Bag" which are inspired by a two-color bowl of chicken and egg. The release date is August 4. The "Toritamago Furikake N.P." will be available for 119 yen for a 22g (0.78oz) serving, and the "Toritamago Furikake Large Bag" will be available for 232 yen for a 46g (1.62oz) serving (both including tax).

Toritamago Furikake

This furikake is designed to resemble a two-color bowl of rice topped with minced chicken and egg. The sweetness of the gentle seasoning makes it a flavor that can be enjoyed by the whole family. You can enjoy the sweet and savory taste of chicken soboro seasoned with soy sauce and sugar, as well as the richness and flavor of the egg soboro.