Canoble "Butter Tempura"

Butter brand "Canoble" will sell "Butter Tempura," available for pre-order on its e-commerce site from July 1, and available at the Tokyo factory from late July, in packs of six, priced at 2,400 yen (tax and shipping not included).

Butter Tempura

Butter Tempura" is a dreamy eating experience for butter lovers everywhere: tender butter wrapped in a crispy batter, the richness of the butter that makes you swoon the moment you bite into it, combined with the crispy crunchy texture of the batter. The buttercream and strawberry confiture is decorated with a raspberry butter chocolate "shrimp tail", coated with Belgian butter chocolate, and covered with a crispy tempura batter. It looks like tempura, bites like tempura, but it is the butter that melts on the tongue.

The crispy batter is covered with vanilla-scented buttercream and strawberry confiture. The buttercream is filled with a rich crème mousseline, a combination of La Crème au beurre and custard. The refreshing acidity of the strawberry confiture mixed with the crunchy texture of the tempura batter will cause a huge taste information jam in your mouth.