Kilfebbon "Peach and Peach Tea Tart

Fruit tart specialty store Quilfévon will hold a limited one-week "Peach Week" from July 20 to 26. A total of eight types of peach tarts, including one new one, will be available.

Peach Week

Peach and Peach Tea Tart

This new tart features a layer of peach mousse layered with almond cream containing slow-baked peach tea leaves, and decorated with peach and peach tea jelly. We have carefully blended the almond cream and peach mousse so that the aroma of both peaches and peach tea can stand out. This tart can be enjoyed just like iced tea. Prices are 864 yen for a piece and 8,640 yen for a whole (25cm) (8% tax included).

Kilfebbon "Peach and Peach Tea Tart

Peach and Summer Fruit Tart

Crispy tart dough filled with gently sweet custard and summer fruits such as peaches, plums, and raspberries. Priced at 1,026 yen for a piece and 12,260 yen for a whole (25cm).

Kilfebbon "Peach and Summer Fruit Tart

Peach Shortcake Tart - Vanilla Flavor

A peach tart designed to resemble a shortcake. Layers of soft and fluffy sweet cream and sponge are topped with large slices of peaches. The fresh aroma of hidden lemon peel, rich vanilla flavor, and juicy peaches are a delightful combination. Priced at 864 yen for a piece and 8,640 yen for a whole (25cm).

Kilfebbon "Peach Shortcake Tart - Vanilla Flavor

Peach and Tropical Fruit Tart

A tart decorated with peaches and tropical fruits full of juice. The tart is served with a light custard cream layered with coconut-flavored cream. The sponge is accented with the tropical flavor of the rich fruit jam. Priced at 972 yen for a piece and 9,720 yen for a whole (25cm).

Kilfebbon "Peach and Tropical Fruit Tart

Peach and Yogurt Tart

Fresh and juicy peaches are combined with a refreshing yogurt mousse and peach cream in this tart. You can enjoy the juices and sweet aroma that fills your mouth. Priced at 918 yen for a piece and 9,180 yen for a whole (25cm).

Kilfebbon "Peach and Yogurt Tart

At the Grand Front Osaka store, the "Osaka Kishiwada Baochika Peach Tart" is made with "Baochika peaches" from Kishiwada, Osaka. Prices are 993 yen for a piece and 9,936 yen for a whole (25cm).

Peach Tart

A buttery kneaded pie filled with custard cream and topped with sweet, juicy seasonal peaches. Priced at 885 yen for a piece, 8,856 yen for a whole (25 cm), 6,912 yen for a (21 cm), 4,860 yen for a (17 cm), and 4,266 yen for a (15 cm).

Kilfebbon "Peach Tart

Peach and Cheese Tart

A very popular tart that combines the rich cream, freshness of peaches, and rich cheese flavor. A moist baked cheese soufflé is topped with peach jam and sweet and sour cream. Priced at 896 yen for a piece and 8,964 yen for a whole (21cm).

Kilfebbon "Peach and Cheese Tart

Baked Cheese and Peach Compote Tart

This tart combines a cool and sweet peach compote with "Le Gall" cream cheese. The rich cream cheese is baked slowly and the aroma of the peach compote spread all over the tart will spread in your mouth. The cream cheese is also infused with peach flavor, making it perfect for summer. The price is 777 yen for a piece and 6,998 yen for a whole (21 cm).

Kilfebbon "Baked Cheese and Peach Compote Tart