Uji Matcha Craft Cola" from Kyuemon Ito, Kyoto

Uji Ito Kyuemon, Kyoto, Japan, will sell a new "Uji Matcha Craft Cola" flavored with five kinds of spices. It is priced at 490 yen for a single bottle or 1,470 yen for a three-pack (both tax included). Stores handling the product are as follows. Online store, Uji main store, JR Uji Ekimae store, Gion Shijo store, Byodoin store, and Kyoto Ekimae store.

Uji Green Tea x Craft Cola

Ito Kuemon, which has been combining Uji matcha with various ingredients such as curry, sake, soba noodles, and somen noodles, as well as sweets, has finally introduced Uji Matcha Craft Cola. The five spices include ginger, cinnamon, dai dai, nutmeg, and coriander. The addition of Uji matcha and spices to natural water creates a cola with a deep flavor and the aroma of Uji matcha.

This summer, why not enjoy the "Japanese craft cola" created with the utmost care by a tea shop?