Japanese Cuisine SATO "Eel Festival

The "Eel Festival" will be held at Wagashoku SATO, featuring five kinds of eel menu items available only for take-out from July 1 to August 7.

Washoku SATO Eel Festival

Japanese Cuisine SATO "Eel Festival

This time, "Unaju", "Unagi & Steak Jyu", "Unagi Chirashi Jyu", "Kokusan Unaju [Normal]" and "Kokusan Unaju [Special Top]" will be available. All of them will be discounted by 20% as an "early bird discount" if pre-ordered at least one day prior to pickup.


Japanese Cuisine SATO "Eel Festival

Unaju is made with charbroiled eel, which is characterized by its aroma and fluffy texture. It is available on July 23, the "first Ox" and August 4, the "second Ox" of the Doyou season. The regular price is 1,618 yen (including tax, the same below), and the early bird price is 1,294 yen.

Eel and Steak Stack

Eel & Steak Jyu" is a new menu item featuring eel and beef steak. Regular price 1,402 yen, early bird price 1,122 yen.

Unagi Chirashi Jyu

Japanese Cuisine SATO "Eel Festival

The "Eel Chirashi Jyu" is considered a colorful and visually brilliant dish. Regular price 1,078 yen, early bird price 862 yen.

Japanese Eel Stack [Normal

The "Kokusan Unaju [Normal]" is a limited-quantity menu item that uses one-half of an eel from Kagoshima Prefecture. Regular price: 2,160 yen, early bird price: 1,728 yen.

Japanese Eel Stack [Tokujo].

The "Kokusan Unaju [Tokujo]" is a limited-quantity item that uses a single eel from Kagoshima Prefecture. The regular price is 3,780 yen, and the early bird price is 3,024 yen.

Each menu item may be sold out, and it may take some time before you receive it because it is cooked to order. The early-bird discount does not apply to the web order service, which is only available for same-day orders. Campaigns are subject to suspension or change without notice.