McDonald's "McFlurry Thick Mango & Calpis".

McDonald's will release "McFlurry Thick Mango & Calpis", a collaboration product with Calpis. This is the second product following the first " McShake Calpis".

McFlurry Thick Mango & Calpis

Calpis, a lactic acid bacteria beverage that has been loved for more than 100 years since its release due to a special manufacturing process, and McDonald's popular sweets collaborate. Following the first "McShake Calpis," this is the second collaboration between "McFlurry" and "Calpis," a popular McDonald's standard sweet treat, and the first "McFlurry Thick Mango & Calpis.

McDonald's "McFlurry Thick Mango & Calpis".

McFlurie Thick Mango & Calpis" is a cool and refreshing sweet Calpis sauce mixed with the popular "McFlurie" smooth soft-serve ice cream and thick mango filling with pulp, perfect for the hot summer season. The rich sweetness of the mango filling can be enjoyed with the refreshing taste of the "calpis" sauce and the melt-in-your-mouth sweetness of the soft-serve ice cream and mango filling.

Available for a limited time only starting July 6. Priced at 290 yen (tax included).