Peach Apricot Parfait" from Very Ruby Cut

A new business model sweets brand "Very Ruby Cut" will sell "Peach Apricot Parfait". Handled at the Very Ruby Cut Ecute Shinagawa store. The release date is July 1. The price is 600 yen (tax not included).

Peach Apricot Parfait

The new cake "Peach Apricot Parfait" has a cool, summery pink crystal-like translucence. The peach gelée, which has a lovely pink color like rose quartz, is paired with milky apricot pudding! The coordination of the two layers of fresh peach gelée and mild apricot pudding melts together in your mouth. The juicy Japanese white peach pulp and square-cut peach jelly on top make this summer-only parfait a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Berry Ruby Cut

A new sweets brand, Very Ruby Cut, just opened at JR Shinagawa Station in December 2021. The signature cookie "Very Ruby Cut," which bears the same name as the brand, sold 120,000 units in its first month on the market, and was greeted on social media with comments such as "So cute, it looks like a jewel! I want to give them to someone! I can't help but smile..." These cookies have already become a hot topic on social networking sites.