Black Mont Blanc Crushed Sundae" from Roll Ice Cream Factory

Roll Ice Cream Factory" Harajuku/Omotesando main store and other limited stores will sell "Black Mont Blanc Crushed Sundae", a product created in collaboration with Trend Factory and Takeshita Seika, for a limited time only. The product will be on sale from July 1 to July 15. The price is 720 yen (tax included, eat-in price varies).

Black Mont Blanc Crushed Sundae

Black Mont Blanc Crushed Sundae is an evolutionary new style of crushed ice cream that does not roll, despite being a rolled ice cream specialty store.

By combining the crunchy texture of Black Mont Blanc with the entertainment value of the Roll Ice Cream Factory, we aim to attract a new demographic by targeting people who are not regular ice cream eaters. We decided to use the recently popular term "ASMR" and gave away free "earplugs" so that people could not only listen to ASMR content but also enjoy the sound of it. By wearing the earplugs, the consumer can concentrate more on the texture of the food while eating it. The toppings are also carefully selected, with crushed candies that crackle and pop when they come in contact with moisture, so you can experience the marriage of crackling and crunchiness the moment you put them in your mouth.

The stores selling the ice cream are as follows.

Eight Roll Ice Cream Factory stores (Harajuku/Omotesando Main Store, Shibuya TOHO Cine Tower Store, AEON MALL Tokushima Store, Kobe Marui Store, Huis Ten Bosch Store, Amu Plaza Kagoshima Store, Amu Plaza Oita Store, Ishigakijima Coconut Terrace Store)

No sales at Marui Family Mizonokuchi Store.