Half-sugar chocolate croissant" St. Mark's Cafe x nosh

The frozen home-delivery meal service "nosh" will launch "Sugar Half Choco Choco Chlo," a 54% off sugar content version of St. Mark's Cafe's signature product, Choco Chlo.

Sugar Half Choco Croc

The "Sugar Half ChocoClo", the first collaboration product, achieves a 54% reduction in sugar content* while maintaining the traditional taste of the "ChocoClo", saving you the trouble of going out to buy one, and allowing you to enjoy the "freshly made taste" at home anytime. You can choose from a variety of options, and each meal is delivered as a set of three. The half-sugar chocolate croissants can be defrosted at room temperature, but if you warm them in the microwave or toaster, you can enjoy the crunchy texture of freshly baked half-sugar chocolate croissants. On hot days, we recommend taking them out of the freezer and keeping them cool. Nutritional value is as follows

Calories 163 kcal
Carbohydrates 8.5g (0.18oz)
Protein 4.0g (0oz)
Fat 11.3g (0.11oz)
Salt equivalent: 0.3g (0.11oz)

Comparison with the nutritional content of St. Mark's Cafe Chococlo. Dietary fiber is not disclosed, so it is calculated as the same as that of this product.