Floresta: 24 Season Doughnuts in Season No. 4 "Lemon Fruit - Mango

Floresta is now selling the fourth of 24 Seasonal Doughnuts "Lemon Fruit - Mango" doughnuts to savor the season. The price (for To go) is 270 yen per piece (tax included). There are two flavors: salt/mango bean paste and mango cream.

Lemon Gourd - Mango

The home-made salted mango red bean paste, whose sweetness is tempered with natural salt, and the mango cream, whose refreshing flavor fills the mouth, bring a fresh tropical flavor to the hot and humid summer in Japan. The doughnuts are made with seasonal ingredients that are beautiful and delicious from season to season.

The doughnuts may be out of stock even during the sales period, depending on the supply of raw materials and stocking conditions.
Some stores may not carry them.


Floresta is a doughnut specialty store that carefully handmakes each doughnut in its stores, using ingredients such as Hokkaido flour and unadulterated soy milk made from domestic soybeans. The most popular item, the "Nature Donut," is always served freshly fried. No preservatives or preservatives are used to make any of the products last longer.