Cinnabon "Ripe Mango Mini-Bon

Cinnabon will sell "Fully Ripe Mango Mini-Bon" from June 29 for a limited time. The product is a summery, fruity cinnamon roll topped with a generous amount of mango.

Fully Ripe Mango Mini-Bon

The "Ripe Mango Mini-Bon" is a summery, fruity cinnamon roll filled with mango. The rich and smooth cream cheese frosting and soft pulp are a perfect match, and the moderate acidity fills the mouth. This tropical taste Cinnabon is available only during this summer season.

Sold at Cinnabon stores nationwide from June 29 to late August. Sales period may differ depending on the store.


A cinnamon roll specialty store born in Seattle, USA, with approximately 1,400 stores in 56 countries around the world. The cinnamon rolls are made with a secret recipe using "macaracinnamon," a type of cinnamon specially grown and refined for Cinnabon. These cinnamon rolls are loved around the world for their unforgettable taste.