Luxury Iced Coffee" Counter Coffee at NewDays

Luxury Iced Coffee, a limited time offer, will appear on the counter coffee menu sold at NewDays and NewDays KIOSK. The release date is June 28. The price is 130 yen per cup (tax included). It will be available until the end of September. Due to limited quantities, it will be phased out.

Luxury Iced Coffee

Supervised by Doutor Coffee. The world's finest beans, mainly from Brazil and Colombia, are carefully selected and roasted by a roaster with careful control to maximize the original flavor of the beans. Blending and roasting the beans in their raw state gives this coffee a full-bodied flavor that is ideal for iced coffee. It has a deep yet fruity summery flavor.

NewDays' counter coffee "Luxury Iced Coffee" looks like a good companion when you want to refresh yourself. This is a limited time offer, so be sure to check it out as soon as possible if you are interested.

The highest grade bean refers to the highest grade of coffee produced in the country where the coffee is exported.
Only regular size is available.