Kraft "Mochi Mochi Anjin Tofu 6P" from Morinaga Milk Industry Co.

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. will release a "new texture" cheese dessert, "Kraft Mochi Mochi Anjin Tofu 6P. The product will go on sale on July 1. It will be available in limited quantities and will be priced at 340 yen (excluding tax). The product will be available in limited quantities.

The "Kraft Mochi Mochi Cheese Dessert 6P" series is a cheese dessert based on cream cheese with the addition of glutinous rice flour to give it an elastic "mochi mochi" texture, offering a "mochi" texture and compatible flavor never before seen in the cheese category. The company is proposing a cheese dessert with a "mochi-mochi" texture with elasticity. To date, Kraft has released "Kraft Mochi Mochi Kinako 6P - Black Honey", "Kraft Mochi Mochi Sakura 6P - Azuki Bean", and "Kraft Mochi Mochi Green Tea 6P - Azuki Bean".

Kraft Mochi Mochi Anjin Tofu 6P

The fourth product, "Kraft Mochi Mochi Anjin Tofu 6P" is a new cheese dessert that combines the "mochi" texture with the taste of a Chinese dessert. It is made with apricot frosting for an authentic taste.

Kraft's Mochi Mochi Apricot Bean Curd 6P looks like a good snack. Pick one up when you see it.