Lotte "Coolish Frozen Lemon Sour" and "Coolish Frozen Greffle Sour

Lotte's "Coolish" brand has introduced "Coolish Frozen Lemon Sour" and "Coolish Frozen Greffle Sour," authentic alcoholic drinks with 5% alcohol content. Test sales will begin sequentially on June 27 at select corporate stores, e-commerce sites, ballparks, and music festivals.

Coolish Frozen Lemon Sour

Coulish Frozen Greffle Sour

This product offers the taste of a frozen alcoholic beverage in a pouch-type container that is unique to Coulish and technology that maintains fluidity under freezing conditions. Like the iced Coulish, it contains fine ice cubes, so you can enjoy the refreshing and cool sensation of the drink.

Lotte "Coolish Frozen Lemon Sour" and "Coolish Frozen Greffle Sour

Both Lemon Sour and Greffle Sour are made with "communed" ingredients, which are pulp and rind milled. You can enjoy the authentic fruitiness with bitterness as well as sweetness. The Lemon Sour contains 9% fruit juice, while the Greffle Sour contains 19% fruit juice.

Lotte "Coolish Frozen Lemon Sour

Alcohol content is 5%. The pouch-type container is spill-proof, re-capable, and easy to carry for direct consumption. Contents 140 ml, open price.

Lotte "Coolish Frozen Greffle Sour

Additional information, including test sales locations, will be posted on the official Coolish Frozen Sour Twitter account, @coolish_fzsour, as needed. Followers must be 20 years old or older.

Please keep out of reach of children.
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