Ueshima Coffee Shop "Summer HAPPY BAG 2022
(Image source: Ueshima Coffee Shop official website)

Ueshima Coffee Shop has announced on its official website that "Summer HAPPY BAG 2022" is now available as a limited quantity and limited time assortment. It will be handled from June 22 to early August. It will end as soon as it is gone. The selling price is set at 8,000 yen per set (tax included).

Ueshima Coffee Shop Summer HAPPY BAG 2022

The assortment includes one of two original eco-bags, two bottles of liquid coffee, and one of three single-origin coffees. Details are as follows

Original eco-bag (one of two colors)
Two 1000 ml bottles of unsweetened liquid coffee
Single origin coffee 180g (6.35oz) powder (one of three varieties)
Aluminum straw
Original wooden coasters (2)
Copper mug
Mixed nuts and pretzel
Raisin Ganache
Drink tickets (3)

The tickets are available at each Ueshima Coffee Shop location. Details on location, business hours, etc. can be found on the official website.