Fujiya "Southern Island Ramune Jelly".
(Image taken from the official website)

Check out all of the new sweets to be sold by Fujiya! Three new items: "Miyakojima Hibiscus Rare Cheese Cake," "Minami no Shima Ramune Jelly," and "Fujiya Selected Anmitsu (using domestic Amakusa Kanten).

Miyako Island Hibiscus Rare Cheese Cake

Miyakojima Hibiscus Rare Cheese Cake" is a refreshing summery dish combining rare cheese mousse and hibiscus jelly. It measures 60 mm (length) x 80 mm (height) and is priced at 440 yen (tax included, same as below).

Fujiya "Miyakojima Hibiscus Rare Cheese Cake

Southern Island Ramune Jelly

The "Southern Island Ramune Jelly" is a refreshing jelly with two layers of panna cotta and ramune jelly, decorated with colorful fruits and star-shaped nata de coco. It measures 85 mm in diameter x 50 mm in height and is priced at 440 yen.

Fujiya "Southern Island Ramune Jelly".

Fujiya Selected Anmitsu (made of Japanese Kanten (agar))

Fujiya Selected Anmitsu (made with domestically produced Amakusa agar) is a special anmitsu made with carefully selected ingredients. It is made with domestically produced Amakusa Agar, Koshi An (sweet red bean paste), and Shiratama (white bean curd). It is topped with mandarin oranges and white peaches soaked in syrup, strawberries, and gyuhi to create a colorful and bright finish. It is topped with brown sugar from Okinawa, which is added as an optional garnish. The price is 520 yen.

Fujiya "Fujiya Selected Anmitsu (made with Japanese natural agar)".