KEY'S CAFE "Passion Fruit & Setouchi Lemon

Passion Fruit & Setouchi Lemon" is a summer-only drink from KEY'S CAFE, which will be available starting July 1. The price is 480 yen (tax included).

KEY'S CAFE Passionfruit & Setouchi Lemon

Passion fruit sauce and Taiwan's popular jelly "Aiyamago" are added to a drink base made from Setouchi lemons. The drink is said to have a refreshing tropical flavor that makes you want to drink it under the sun and enjoy the texture of the jelly.

The lemon smoothie is topped with whipped cream for a cool and smooth taste. Three types of drinks are available: "Lemonade," "Lemon Soda," and "Lemon Smoothie," and they are said to have been created with the perfect taste for the start of summer. In principle, the drinks can be ordered at KEY'S CAFE nationwide, but there are some stores that do not carry them. Prices and sales periods may vary depending on the store. For details, please contact KEY'S CAFE by phone.