Kyodo Dairy "Mateo's Smooth Pudding with Mature Caramel Sauce

Kyodo Nyugyo will sell "Mateo's Smooth Pudding with Adult Caramel Sauce" for a limited time. It will be available at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. The release date is July 4. The estimated price is 118 yen (excluding tax).

Mateo's Smooth Pudding with Adult Caramel Sauce

Mateo's Smooth Pudding with Adult Caramel Sauce" is the "revival flavor chosen by everyone" that was selected as the result of approximately 50,000 votes in the "1st Smooth Pudding Revival Festival" held in February 2022. In the "1st Smooth Pudding Revival Festival," four of the limited time-only Smooth Pudding products released between 2008 and 2011 were carefully selected, and the winners were chosen based on their "I want to try it again! I want to try it again! We are looking for your votes for the products that you would like to try again. I want to taste the bittersweet caramel sauce again! The winner, "Adult Caramel Sauce," will be on sale for a limited time only.

Smooth pudding with a smooth texture and creamy taste is now available for a limited time only with the addition of a caramel sauce with a touch of Western liquor. The bittersweet taste of the adult caramel sauce is a perfect match with the sweet smooth pudding.