Hotto Motto New "Nori-Bento" (Nori-Bento)

New "Nori Bento" and "BIG Nori Bento (Neapolitan)" will go on sale at Hotto More on July 1. Hakata Mentaiko Nori Bento and Hakata Mentaiko Toku Nori Taru Bento will also go on sale on the same day.

Nori Bento

Nori bento" is Hotto Motto's signature product and has been popular with many people for many years, selling approximately 22 million servings a year. The quality and value of the product has been enhanced while maintaining the same well-loved flavor. The lunch box features fried white fish with a crispy batter and flaky flesh, and chikuwa tempura that is 1.5 times larger (compared to the company's previous product). The price is 360 yen (tax included).

Hotto Motto New "Nori-Bento" (Nori-Bento)

BIG Nori Bento (Neapolitan)

With the larger chikuwa-ten, the BIG Nori Bento (Neapolitan), which combines nori bento and Neapolitan, is now also tailored to be very satisfying. It is priced at 580 yen.

Hotto Motto "BIG Nori Bento (Neapolitan)

Hakata Mentaiko Nori Bento

In conjunction with the new Nori Bento, the Hakata Mentaiko Nori Bento, which was very popular when it was first released, is back for the first time in about six months with about 1.5 times the volume of the chikuwa tempura. The okaka kelp used in the regular "nori bento" has been replaced with a special mentaiko sauce. A definite combination of flavorful mentaiko and "noribento" (nori bento). The price is 420 yen.

Hotto Motto "Hakata Mentaiko Nori Bento

Hakata Mentaiko Toku Noritaru Bento

We also recommend the Hakata Mentaiko Toku Noritaru Bento (Hakata Mentaiko Special Noritaru Lunch Box), which is served with menchikatsu, karaage, and fried white fish. The price is 500 yen.

Hotto Motto "Hakata Mentaiko Toku Noritaru Bento

BIG Nori Bento (Neapolitan)" is not available at Hot More Grill.
Prices of "Nori Bento" and "BIG Nori Bento (Neapolitan)" are different in some areas.