MUJI "green tea" and "caffeine-free barley tea

MUJI will launch aluminum canned bottled beverages "green tea" and "caffeine-free barley tea" on June 29.

MUJI Green Tea

Green tea from Shizuoka and Kagoshima is used and blended to bring out its flavor and astringency. 375 ml, 90 yen (tax included).

MUJI caffeine-free barley tea

Domestic six-row barley is slowly roasted in hot air to bring out its sweetness. 375ml (12.68us fl oz), 90 yen (tax included).

MUJI "green tea" and "caffeine-free barley tea

MUJI's unsweetened bottled beverages have been well received so far, including "Muscat & Rooibos," "Green Rooibos Tea," and "Black Bean Tea. The addition of the two standard unsweetened teas brings the total number of unsweetened teas to nine, and the lineup of aluminum canned bottled beverages has increased to a total of 22 choices, allowing customers to choose what they want to drink.

MUJI has been promoting the use of "My Bottle" by installing water supply machines in stores sequentially since July 2020, and is implementing the "Mizu kara, Hajimeyo" initiative to encourage the reduction of plastic waste by replacing all bottled beverages with aluminum cans in April 2021.

Bottled beverages in MUJI aluminum cans

Aluminum cans are a material that is recycled repeatedly, with a high recycling rate of 97.9% in Japan. By using aluminum cans, the shelf life of food cans is longer than that of plastic bottles, thereby reducing food loss.