McDonald's "Gohan Chicken Garlic Bacon", "Gohan Ebi Yoshi-Shiritate", "Gohan Teriyaki".

McDonald's will release a new "Gohan Chicken Garlic Bacon" made with 100% Niigata Koshihikari rice on June 29 as a limited time offer for the Night Mac menu from 5:00 pm. Gohan Ebi Yoshi-Shishitate (Gohan Shrimp) and Gohan Teriyaki (Gohan Teriyaki), which have appeared on the menu in the past, will be available at the same time.

Gohan Chicken Garlic Bacon

Gohan Chicken Garlic Bacon is a new product that combines a hearty chicken patty with a garlic soy mayo sauce in pursuit of a flavor that goes well with rice. A chicken patty with a hearty portion of meat wrapped in a crispy, light batter, crisp lettuce and smoky bacon, with a mayo sauce with soy sauce flavor, garlic and chili pepper accents, sandwiched in a special rice bun made with 100% Koshihikari rice produced in Niigata Prefecture. The sandwich is made with a special rice bun made with 100 percent Niigata Koshikari rice. The price is 430 yen (tax included).

McDonald's "Gohan Chicken Garlic Bacon"

Gohan Ebi Yoshikatsu Tailored

Gohan Gohan Ebi Yoshin Shitayori is a dish of shrimp cutlet with a special umami spicy sauce with the tangy spiciness of red pepper and the delicious flavor of garlic. The combination of the fluffy soy sauce flavored rice, the plump shrimp cutlet, and the special umami spicy sauce with its exquisite flavor and spiciness makes for an addictive combination. The price is 440 yen.

McDonald's "Gohan Shrimp, Spicy and Delicious

Gohan Teriyaki

The "Gohan Teriyaki" is a combination of the flavor of the "Teriyaki McBurger" with a pork patty rich in flavor, sweet and spicy ginger-flavored teriyaki sauce, crisp lettuce and sweet lemon sauce, and fluffy cooked rice with a savory soy sauce flavor. The price is 400 yen.

McDonald's "Gohan Teriyaki