Hanamaru Udon: Cool, Spicy, and Delicious! Chilled & Cold Tanzan Fair "Standard White Sesame Tanzan", "Rich Black Sesame Tanzan", "Numbing Red Soupless Red Tanzan".

Hanamaru Udon will be holding a "Cool, Spicy, and Delicious! Cold and spicy tantalizing! The "standard White White Sesame Bantan," "Rich Black Black Sesame Bantan," and "Numbing Red Red Soupless Red Bantan" will be available for purchase.

Cool, spicy, and delicious! Chilled Hot and Spicy Tanzan Fair

Three types of chilled "chilled" "tantan-yaki" udon noodles, which have become the most popular summer menu item in Hanamaru's history, are now on the menu. The chilled udon noodles are topped with cold udon noodles, meat miso, and green onions. The sesame raayu (Chinese chili oil) that is spooned over the noodles at the end accentuates the flavor, and its spicy and rich taste is perfect for the hot and humid season. The noodles are made of smooth and chunky summer noodles. Despite their spiciness, they are easy to eat.

Standard White White Sesame Starchy Bean Curd

The "Standard White White Sesame Starchy Noodle" is a classic chilled udon noodle with the rich and creamy taste of white sesame. Recommended for beginners. If you like it mildly spicy, you can order it without raayu. Prices are (small) 560 yen (medium) 680 yen (large) 810 yen (tax included).

Hanamaru Udon: Cool, Spicy and Delicious! Chilled "Standard White Sesame Stretch" at the Chilled Sesame Stretch Fair

Konko no Kuro Kuro Goma Bantan (Thick Black Black Sesame Bantan)

Konko no Kuro Kuro Gomadashi is made with a blend of black sesame paste and black ground sesame to give it a richer sesame flavor. The dish also has a rich aftertaste enhanced by the use of sweetened soy sauce, and secret flavors of pepper and cinnamon, making it an addictive taste. Priced at (small) 610 yen (medium) 730 yen (large) 860 yen.

Hanamaru Udon: Cool, Spicy and Delicious! Chilled Chilled Udon "Thick Black Kuro Gomadashi" at Chilled Udon Fair

Numbing Red: No Shiru Akashi Aka Bantan (Red Stir-fry Soup without Shiru)

The "Numbing Red: No Shrimp in Red Soup" has a stronger shrimp taste and flavor than last year's dish, and is the most numbing of the three, with a deep umami flavor in the numbing spiciness. The price is 610 yen for (small), 730 yen for (medium), and 860 yen for (large).

Hanamaru Udon: Cool, Spicy and Delicious! Chilled "Numbing Red" red soup-less red tsuzan-yaki fair

We also recommend adding a toi ontama (half-boiled egg) for 80 yen and toi meshi (small rice) for 130 yen. To go is available at the same price. However, a separate container fee of 30 yen per bowl of udon is charged for To go.