Saki Yoken "Katsura Utamaru-san's Fried Rice Lunchbox 2022".

Saki Yoken will introduce "Katsura Utamaru-san's Loved Fried Rice Bento 2022" as a collaboration with Utamaru Katsura Ichimon. it will be available only on July 2 and must be reserved completely through the official website to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. The selling price is 980 yen (tax included).

Saki Yoken Katsura Utamaru's Fried Rice Bento 2022

According to Saki Yoken, before his death, Utamaru Katsura said that Saki Yoken's bento (fried rice) was the "parent of life" in the mook book "Saki Yoken Walker" commemorating the 110th anniversary of Saki Yoken's founding and the 90th anniversary of shioumai in 2018. Fried rice has been the main dish.

The green peas, which he said he actually had a slight dislike for, are not used in the fried rice, but are instead topped with shrimp. The bento includes a hanging paper with an illustration designed by Master Hayashiya Kikugen and a "Katsura Utamaru Hyo-chan" designed by Master Katsura Shidaro. The boxed lunches will be sold in the hope that the memory of Utamaru Katsura, who devoted himself to the promotion of Yokohama's popular performing arts, will live on forever.

The boxed lunches will be available at the Azamino Municipal Subway Station Store, Saki Yoken Honten Shop, Joyous Terrace Futamatagawa Store, Kohoku Interchange Store, Sheal Sakuragi-cho Store, Isezaki Mall Store, and Totsuka Municipal Subway Station Store.