Asahi Soft Drinks "Orange Espresso & Calpis

Asahi Soft Drinks will release a new product, Orange Espresso & Calpis, for a limited time only. The release date is July 5. It will be available in 500 ml PET bottles and priced at 151 yen (tax included).

Orange Espresso & Calpis

Orange Espresso & Calpis is a blend of Calpis, orange espresso extract extracted from frozen orange fruit under high pressure, and orange juice. This product is perfect for those times when you want to relax and enjoy the sweetness of Calpis and the rich taste of concentrated orange.

The package depicts orange espresso extract being poured and orange fruit at the top, clearly expressing the concentrated orange flavor. The bottom part of the package is boldly designed to stand out in stores with its bright orange color interspersed with the polka dot pattern that symbolizes the "CALPIS" brand.

Orange Espresso & Calpis" looks like a good choice when you want to refresh yourself. Pick one up when you see it.

Calpis is a registered trademark of Asahi Soft Drinks Co.