Lotteria "COLORFUL Sparkling

Three "COLORFUL Sparkling" products will be on sale at Lotteria from June 30 to early September (except at some stores).

COLORFUL Sparkling

Refreshing drinks titled "COLORFUL Sparkling" will be on sale for a limited time to encourage customers to spend a refreshing hot summer with Lotteria's products. The lineup includes three products: "Hawaiian Blue Sparkling (rummy flavor)," "Watermelon Sparkling (approximately 2.95% fruit juice)," and "Seekasa Sparkling (approximately 0.09% fruit juice). Each is priced at 280 yen (10% tax included, same below).

Hawaiian Blue Sparkling (Ramune Flavor)

This drink combines 7up, which is perfect for summer with its clear, refreshing taste, with a retro rumney-flavored syrup. It also has a fun summery appearance.

Lotteria "Hawaiian Blue Sparkling (Rumne Flavor)

Watermelon Sparkling (approx. 2.95% juice)

This drink combines 7up with watermelon syrup made from watermelon juice. You can enjoy the fresh taste of watermelon.

Lotteria "Watermelon Sparkling (approx. 2.95% juice)

Seekercutter Sparkling (approx. 0.09% fruit juice)

This drink combines 7up with Okinawan shikuasa (Okinawan shikuasa) juice and shikuasa syrup. The refreshing taste with just the right amount of acidity is perfect for the hot season.

Lotteria "Seekers Sparkling (approx. 0.09% juice)

Chilly Summer Campaign

Show the coupon at the cash register to receive a special discount of 90 yen off the price of "Hawaiian Blue Sparkling (Ramune flavor)", "Watermelon Sparkling (approx. 2.95% fruit juice)" and "Shikasa Sparkling (approx. 0.09% fruit juice)", each for 190 yen. The promotion period is from June 30 to July 20.