Horny rice cake with a "horn standing up" nut stock, Jitsumori

Sweets brand "Nutstock SANEMORI" offers "Kakunotate Ohagi Mochi" (rice cake with rice cake in a square shape). The price is 540 yen (tax included). It is available at Nutstock Sanemori stores (Daimaru Tokyo store and Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Special Japanese Sweets Hall).

Kakunotakeru Ohagimochi

Kakunotakeru Ohagimochi is a new type of o-hagi that tastes great when chilled. The reason it tastes so good chilled is because it is wrapped in a thin layer of smooth, fresh mizu-yokan (water jelly). Inside the water yokan are two whole pieces of "special o-hagi" made from flavorful "Hokkaido adzuki beans" and "Mangetsu glutinous rice" that has been pounded to a sticky, soft texture. The refreshingly smooth texture of this new type of o-hagi is addictive.


SANEMORI is a neo-Japanese confectionery brand that debuted at the Daimaru Tokyo store in April of this year. The concept is "a modern wagashiya filled with rich harvests. Using an abundance of nuts, berries, and beans, which are symbols of the bounty of the forest, the brand freely incorporates Japanese and Western ingredients and techniques to create a delicious taste that is one step ahead of its time.