Fujiya "Milky can (PUI PUI Molker)

Fujiya and the TV animation "PUI PUI Morkar" collaborate for the first time. Milky can (PUI PUI Molker), PUI PUI Molker chocolate, FUWAFUWA puff cake (custard), and FUWAFUWA puff cake (chocolate) will be sold.

Milky can (PUI PUI Molker)

Seven pieces of Fujiya's long-selling candy "Milky" in a tin. A total of 10 different can designs, 5 red and 5 yellow, will be available. The estimated price is 297 yen (tax included, same as below). Standard tax rate (10%) product.

Fujiya "Milky can (PUI PUI Molker)

PUI PUI Morker Chocolate

Milk chocolate with strawberry cream filling, with individual wrappers and a sticker featuring the PUI PUI MOLCAR character (10 random wrappers and stickers). The outer box is designed to be playful and can be assembled into a car (MOLCAR) (5 types of outer boxes). Estimated price: 130 yen.

Fujiya "PUI PUI Molker Chocolate

Milky cans (PUI PUI MOLCAR) and PUI PUI MOLCAR chocolate will go on sale on June 28. They will be available at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, as well as at some Fujiya confectionery stores and Fujiya restaurants.

FUWAFUWA Puff Cake (Custard)

FUWAFUWA Puff Cake (Chocolate)

Puff cakes with light custard whip and chocolate whip in a fluffy dough. Each cake contains 10 billion lactic acid bacteria.

FUWAFUWA Puff Cake (Custard)" and "FUWAFUWA Puff Cake (Chocolate)" by Fujiya

The product will go on sale on July 1 at an estimated price of 108 yen. They will be available at supermarkets nationwide (not available at Fujiya confectionery stores and Fujiya restaurants).