Kurozu kinako no mitsuwarabi" from Kameya Mannendo

Kameya Mannendo will sell "Kurozu Kinako no Mitsuwarabi", a limited-time-only product with a melting texture, based on the concept of a Japanese confectionery that is easy to eat even in the hot summer. The sales period is from July 1 to August 31. The price is 250 yen (tax included) for a pack of three.

Kurasu kinako no mitsu warabi

The soft and soft warabi mochi is filled with a rich, special mitsuwarabi (mitsuwarabi rice cake) sauce. One bite and the molten molasses sauce overflows from the inside. The aroma of the kinako (soybean flour) can be felt even more when the optional kurosu kinako (soybean flour) is sprinkled on top. It is a limited-time-only cool snack to be eaten cold during the hot summer.

Mitsuwarabi's rice cake is softer than most warabimochi so that it has a plump texture that goes well with the molasses sauce. We also make sure that the rice cake does not become hard even when chilled so that it is easy to eat even in hot weather.

The most distinctive feature is the Kuromitsu sauce. It is made from "wasanbon molasses," which is produced when making wasanbon, the highest quality white sugar for Japanese sweets, and "unrefined sugar," which is made from sugarcane and rich in minerals and flavor, resulting in a smooth and rich brown sugar sauce with a deep flavor. For the kinako, we use aromatic "kurosu kinako" (soybean flour).