Sushiro "Tanabata Chirashi

Sushiro will sell "Tanabata Chirashi," a sumptuous chirashi sushi with plenty of special ingredients, from June 29 to July 7.

Tanabata Chirashi

Sushiro's special "Tanabata Chirashi" is a limited-time-only product featuring Sushiro's special ingredients to depict the Milky Way and tanzaku paper streamers, which are essential for the annual Tanabata event. The salmon roe, green onion tuna, and crab cakes are used to create the image of a sparkling Milky Way, while Sushiro's most popular tuna, shrimp, salmon, and other ingredients popular with children are used to create strips of paper with stars shaped like eggs scattered on them.

Sushiro "Tanabata Chirashi
Tanabata Chirashi (for 1 person)

The taste can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from children to adults. To balance out the ingredients, sweet and spicy seasoned middle ingredients are mixed in with the shari. In addition to its gorgeous appearance, this dish will fill your stomach as well.

Sushiro "Tanabata Chirashi
Tanabata Chirashi (2 to 3 servings)

Ingredients include: shari, medium ingredients, chopped nori, nishiki-ryo egg, tuna, salmon, grilled tororo salmon, cucumber, shrimp, salmon roe, crab cakes, green onion tuna, and star-shaped egg. Priced at 620 yen for one person and 1,850 yen for two to three people, including tax.

The quantity for one person and for two or three people is different, but the type of ingredients used and the shari are the same.
Sold only as take-out.
Items and prices may differ at some stores.
Items will be closed as soon as they are gone.
Business hours are subject to change depending on conditions.
Last minute reservations may cause congestion, so advance reservations are recommended.
Sold only at Sushiro and Sushiro To Go stores.