Fanta Youth Sweet Tea" - a fresh, sweet and sour sweet tea flavor

Coca-Cola System will release a new flavor, Fanta Youth Sweet Tea, with a refreshing sweet and sour taste, for a limited time only. The release date is June 27. It comes in a 410 ml PET bottle and is priced at 140 yen (excluding tax).

Fanta Youth Sweet Tea

The new limited-time release flavor "Youth Sweet Tea" is a carbonated beverage characterized by the soft sweetness and refreshing acidity of sweet tea, a type of citrus fruit, and is perfect for the rainy season when the heat and humidity become severe. Sweetie is often used as a flavor for sweets, and many people may remember it as a "nostalgic taste" reminiscent of their childhood or school days. With its playful name and package design that evoke memories of those youthful days, as well as its refreshing taste, it is perfect for refreshing yourself during breaks from studying or work, as well as for spending precious time with friends and family.

Fanta Seishun Sweetie" is perfect for the hot season. Pick up a bottle when you see it.