Famima prior "Renkon Chip Iwashita Shinsei Ginger Flavor".

Soseki will pre-release a new product, "Renkon Chip Iwashita Shinsei Ginger Flavor" at FamilyMart. The release date is June 28. It will be available at all convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide, as well as Soseki's online store. The product weighs 18g (0.63oz) and is priced at 162 yen (tax included).

Brick Chip Iwashita Fresh Ginger Flavor

From the Rengon Chip series, which is made from light brick chips with an addictive crunchy texture, "Rengon Chip Iwashita New Ginger Flavor," a collaboration with "Iwashita New Ginger," will make its new appearance. The product is full of dietary fiber and is suitable for both snacks and nibbles. The package, which is colored pink, the color of Iwashita's new ginger, is based on the existing brick chip package, but is cutely decorated with an illustration and silhouette of Iwashita's official character "Iwashika" (Iwashita's new ginger).

The "Renkon Chip Iwashita New Ginger Flavor" looks like a good snack with alcoholic beverages. Why not pick one up when you see one?