LAWSON STORE100 "Aisumanju-style bread," "Shirakuma-style steamed bread," "bread like a home-run bar

On June 22, LAWSON STORE100 will release "Aisumanju-style bread," "Shirakuma-style steamed bread," and "bread like a home-run bar," which were originally developed in collaboration with ice cream manufacturers. Each is priced at 108 yen (tax included).

The company wanted to develop a delicious summer bread, and planned to collaborate with ice cream. Under the supervision of an ice cream maker, the bread is made to taste similar to model ice cream. The package design conveys the collaboration with ice cream in a straightforward manner.

Aisu-manjyu style bread

Aisu-manjyu style bread" is a bread inspired by Marunaga Seika's "Aisu-manjyu" ice cream. The fluffy white bread is filled with sweet bean paste and vanilla-flavored whipped cream.

LAWSON STORE100 "Aisu-manju-style bread

Shirokuma-Style Steamed Bun

Shirokuma-Style Steamed Bun is a steamed bun inspired by Marunaga Seika's "Shirokuma" ice cream. The condensed milk flavored steamed bread is topped with dried fruits such as cranberry, orange peel, and pineapple.

LAWSON STORE100 "Shirokuma-style steamed bread

Bread like a Home Run Bar

Homerun Bar-like Bread" is a bread inspired by Kyodo Dairy's "Homerun Bar," an ice cream product. Half chocolate cream and half vanilla flavored cream are sandwiched between white bread. It is finished in a square shape like the Home Run Bar.

Lawson Store 100 "Bread like a home run bar

The product shown here is an original product of LAWSON STORE100. Not sold at LAWSON and NATURAL LAWSON.
Tax-included prices listed are based on the reduced tax rate. Standard tax rate (10%) applies to eat-in customers.
Product lineup varies by area and store.
The specifications may differ depending on the area.
Sales will end as soon as the quantity is gone.