Kappa Sushi "Famous Restaurant Recipes" Vol. 3

On June 21, Kappa Sushi will release the third "Meiten Recipe" product, "Sushi Kizuna Supervision Pressed Sushi Eating Comparison (pressed mackerel and fresh shrimp)," "Sushi Kizuna Supervision Steamed sushi with salmon roe and aosa bean paste," "Sushi Kizuna Supervision Natural tuna cutlet with spicy ponzu sauce," and "Sushi Kizuna Supervision Salmon with spicy ponzu sauce. The sales will end as soon as they are gone. The sales will end as soon as they are gone.

Meiten Recipes Vol. 3

The third Meiten Recipe is supervised by the owner of Kyobashi, Osaka's "Zizukizuna," which is famous as a sushi restaurant that cannot take reservations. Four "Yum!" dishes that showcase the traditions of the Kansai region will be served. " four dishes will be served.

General Kondo of the sushi kizuna

Oshizushi eating comparison (mackerel oshizushi and fresh shrimp oshizushi) under the supervision of the sushi kizuna

This is a key product in the third edition of the famous restaurant's recipe, which was completed based on General Kondo's strong desire that "oshizushi is an essential part of Osaka's culture. You can enjoy two sushi in one dish: "Saba-no-Oshizushi" made with fatty mackerel and "Namaebi-no-Oshizushi" made with plump red shrimp. Two pieces cost 330 yen (tax included).

Kappa Sushi "Oshizushi Comparison (mackerel oshizushi and fresh shrimp oshizushi) under the supervision of Kizuna".

The "pressed sushi with mackerel" is topped with ginger soy sauce and battera kombu. The rice is mixed with deep-fried tenkasu (fish cake), finely chopped gari (pickled ginger), and ririgoma (parched sesame seeds) to enhance the flavor and texture.

The "Fresh Shrimp Oshizushi" has rice mixed with tenkasu and an egg yolk sauce in the center of the rice. You can enjoy the delicious taste of the shrimp, the plump texture, the mildness of the egg yolk sauce, and the proud rice all in one.

Steamed Sushi with Salmon Roe and Aosa Bean Paste

Along with oshizushi, steamed sushi is one of the most popular types of sushi in Osaka. The steamed warm rice is topped with a thick red bean paste and richly flavored aosa seaweed, and garnished with salmon roe and yuzu (Japanese citron). This is a unique dish only available at Kappa Sushi, which is equipped with a steamer inside the restaurant. The price is 330 yen (tax included).

Kappa Sushi "Steamed Sushi with Salmon Roe Salt and Aosa Bean Paste under the Supervision of Kizuna".

Natural tuna bonito with aromatic ponzu sauce

Kizuna's Salmon with Flavored Ponzu Vinegar

Inspired by the original ponzu vinegar that is a specialty of Kizuna, Kappa Sushi has developed its own unique flavored ponzu vinegar. It is characterized by the use of onions and carrots to give a sharp ponzu taste with the sweetness of vegetables. The onions are grated and served daily at the restaurant so that the original sweetness of the vegetables can be felt.

Kappa Sushi "Natural Tolo-katsuo (bonito) with spicy ponzu sauce under the supervision of Kizuna

For the ingredients, the chef has selected "Toro Katsuo" (fatty tuna) and "Salmon", both of which have been approved by the chef as being a particularly good match. Each is priced at 220 yen per two pieces (tax included).

Kappa Sushi "Salmon with spicy ponzu sauce under the supervision of Kizuna".