Geki-Habanero Geki-Hot Isobe-age" from Kanesada

KANESADA will release "Geki-Habanero Geki-Hot Isobe-age". A new "Geki-Habanero-Included Geki-Hot Flavor", perfect for summer, has been added to the regular "Isobe-age" product lineup. The product comes in packs of five and is priced at 224 yen (tax included).

Geki-Habanero Geki-Hot Isobe-age

The "Geki-han Isobe-age with Habanero" has not only a stimulating spicy taste, but also a delicious flavor. The texture of the fried isobe fries can be heated in the microwave to make them crispy, or in the oven to make them crunchy, allowing you to enjoy the spicy flavor of the habanero. It is a perfect snack for the coming hot season.