Hidakaya "Sesame Miso Cold

Hidakaya will introduce "Sesame Miso Cold Sushi" as a seasonal menu item. It will be available for a limited time starting June 17.

Hidakaya Sesame Miso Cold Sushi

This is the second "chilled" menu item from Hidakaya, following the "Kurozu Shoyu Chilled Noodle" that has already appeared on the menu, and although it was not sold in 2021, it has been reissued for the first time in two years due to fan demand.

The cold noodle soup with white miso paste, Japanese soup stock, and ground sesame is said to be addictive. The noodles are said to be smooth and silky, and the ingredients of ham, cucumber, wakame seaweed, and broiled egg can be enjoyed together with the noodles. The dish is seasoned in such a way that it is not boring to eat, and it is marketed as the perfect drink for the coming hot season.

The price is 570 yen (including tax, the same below) for a single item. A gyoza set is also available for 780 yen. In addition, a "Half Fried Rice Set" can be ordered for 820 yen.