Wendy's Fast Kitchen "Jalapeño Popper" and "Jalapeño Popper Chicken

Wendy's First Kitchen will start selling the spicy and addictive summer-only hamburgers "Jalapeño Popper" and "Jalapeño Popper Chicken" on June 23. These popular items were well received by many people last year.

Jalapeño Popper

Thick and juicy beef patty and original bacon are combined with sliced jalapeño and jalapeño-infused cheese sauce to create an addictive dish with a stimulating spiciness. The cheese sandwich is filled with melted cheddar & blue cheese sauce and sliced cheddar cheese, so you can enjoy not only the spiciness but also the rich flavor. The price for a single item is 770 yen.

Wendy's Fast Kitchen "Jalapeño Popper

Jalapeño Popper Chicken

Wendy's original "Homestyle Chicken" with tender filet and crispy batter, combined with cheese sauce with jalapeño and sliced jalapeños. The simple taste of chicken is combined with the stimulating spiciness and richness of the melted cheese, creating a harmony not found in beef. The price for a single dish is 670 yen.

Wendy's Fast Kitchen "Jalapeño Popper Chicken