Fast Kitchen "Sudachi Oroshi Tatsuta Burger" and "Momiji Oroshi Tatsuta Burger

First Kitchen will start selling "Sudachi Oroshi Tatsuta Burger" and "Momiji Oroshi Tatsuta Burger" as the 10th in its "First Classic Series" of Japanese delicacies from June 23 (except at some stores) for the summer season only. The single item is priced at 520 yen each.

Sudachi Oroshi Tatsuta Burger

A combination of "Sudachi Oroshi" and "Chicken Tatsuta," a popular limited-time-only item since its release in July 2020. The refreshing aroma of Tokushima Prefecture's sudachi goes perfectly with Fast Kitchen's original chicken tatsuta.

Fast Kitchen "Sudachi Oroshi Tatsuta Burger

The Chicken Tatsuta is marinated in a soy sauce sauce with a refreshing sourness and ginger to add flavor. Shredded cabbage and seasonal shiso leaves are also added to create a refreshing Japanese-style burger perfect for summer.

Momiji Orotsuri Tatsuta Burger

The orange of the grated momiji mushrooms and the green of the shiso leaves make this burger a visually pleasing dish. The refreshing aroma of grated daikon (Japanese radish) with a hint of sudachi (a citrus fruit produced in Tokushima Prefecture) and the spiciness of chili pepper adds a refreshing and spicy taste at the same time. The slightly sour soy sauce sauce that is mixed with the chicken tatsuta is also a perfect match.

First Kitchen "Momiji Oroshi Tatsuta Burger

First Classic Series

These burgers are made with a special attention to detail, with the buns kneaded with burnt soy sauce and grilled to a rich aroma, and the patties and sauces also made with Japanese flavor. We have developed many products to date, including the Fried Shrimp Burger and the Avocado Burger.