Yakiniku Kingu's Summer Limited Time Menu

Yakiniku Kingu will launch a limited summer menu on June 22, and it will be available until late August. Product contents and prices may differ at some stores.

A Bite of Cold Noodle

The noodle is smooth and smooth, and the soup is made from bonito stock with a hint of sourness. It is Yakiniku Kingu's original cold noodle soup, an essential finishing dish for yakiniku. The price is 319 yen (tax included).

Yakiniku Kingu "A Bite of Cold Noodle

Lemon Cold Noodles

A lemon version of our popular cold noodles. This refreshing lemon cold noodle is the perfect way to finish off a meal. Price: 429 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "Lemon Cold Noodle

Japanese-style cold noodles

A Japanese-style bonito broth-based soup topped with a generous amount of green onions, myoga, and other condiments. Price: 429 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "Japanese-style cold noodles

Spicy Tantanmen Cold Noodles

We are proud of our spicy hot noodle soup. Priced at 429 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "Spicy Tangy Cold Noodles

Sangwon Pork] Sudare Kalbi marinated in a pot

Thick slices of pork belly are marinated in our original tasty sauce. The flavor of the meat and the sauce are a perfect match. The price is 539 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "[Sangonbuta] Sudare Kalbi in a pot

Yawaraka Horumon (soft hormone)

Original sauce with lots of garlic and spicy flavor. The sauce is well mixed with the hormone and gives you plenty of stamina. The price is 429 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "[Deliciously Spicy Stamina] Yawaraka Horumon" (soft hormone)

Cheese Yakiniku] Tandoori Chicken

Spicy grilled chicken thighs seasoned in the style of tandoori chicken. Mild when dipped in a generous amount of cheese. Price: 429 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "[Cheese Yakiniku] Tandoori Chicken".

Shiawase Butter Flavored Potato

Thickly sliced jagged potatoes topped with a generous dollop of Happiness Butter Flavor. Price: 319 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "Shiawase Butter Flavored Potatoes

Mini Choco Churro

The chocolate is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Price: 319 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "Mini Choco Churro

Kingu Chicken

Soft and juicy fried chicken. Price: 319 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "Kingu Chicken

The above items can also be ordered in the all-you-can-eat "Kingu Course 2,980 yen (3,278 yen including tax)" and "Premium Course 3,980 yen (4,378 yen including tax)" courses.

Fructis] Lemonade

A drink made from apple cider vinegar with the sourness and sweetness of lemon. The moderate sweet and sour taste whets your appetite. Price: 319 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "[Fructis] Lemonade"

Fructis] Berry Berry Soda

A drink with the sweetness and aroma of berries added to apple cider vinegar. Price: 319 yen.

Yakiniku Kingu "[Fructis] Berry Berry Soda".

Drinks are included in the all-you-can-drink course and can also be ordered separately.
Soft drinks cannot be ordered with the all-you-can-drink lunch course.
The contents and schedule of sales differ at some stores. For details, please contact each store.