Bourbon "Jaga Choco Grande Bitter

Bourbon will release a renewed Jaga Choco Grande Bitter, a sweet chocolate snack filled with bitter chocolate. The product will be on sale from June 21 through August. The contents are 50g (1.76oz) and the price is 195 yen per box (tax included). Available at convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and kiosks.

Jaga Choco Grande Bitter

Jaga Choco Grande Bitter is a "sweet and sour chocolate snack" consisting of a savory fried potato snack topped with 1.5 times more bitter chocolate than Bourbon's Jaga Choco. By reducing the amount of oil in the Tetosnack, the combination of the salty taste and the sweet bitter chocolate with a hint of cacao can be enjoyed with a light texture.

Bourbon "Jaga Choco Grande Bitter" is not only a good snack, but also a good accompaniment to alcoholic beverages. Why not pick one up when you see one?